Best Playstation 4 Deals for May 2019

PlayStation consoles go on sale at different times during the year, resulting in various deals that include games, controllers, and other accessories, but hunting them down isn’t always the easiest thing. Whether you are looking for the refined PlayStation 4 Slim, the newest PlayStation 4 Pro, or even the PlayStation VR, we’ve got you covered on the best deals available this month.

If you aren’t quite sure which console to be looking for deals on, be sure to check out our amazing comparison which breaks it all down for you.

Best Limited PlayStation Bundle Still Available $399.99

The Limited Edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro console had everyone talking upon its announcement. With its striking red and white color scheme, it quickly became one of the harder limited edition consoles to snag from a major retailer. Luckily, Sam’s Club has found a few leftover bundles in the back of its warehouse to sell, but you’ll need a membership to buy one and there’s no doubt they’ll be gone shortly. They each include the console along with Marvel’s Spider-Man game and a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Look Out!

PlayStation 4 Pro Spider-Man Bundle

If you missed the boat on this beautiful red edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro console, it might be worth it to sign up for a Sam’s Club membership as this is the only retailer which has it in stock at its regular price still! It comes with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man and a matching DualShock 4 controller.


Best Pre-Owned PlayStation Bundle Deal $269.99

The Last of Us and Uncharted are two of the most revered series to be found only on PlayStation, and they’re both featured in this pre-owned bundle along with a 500GB PlayStation 4 that’s available at a discount via GameStop. All of GameStop’s pre-owned products are tested and guaranteed to work before being made available for sale, and there’s a 7-day window to begin a return if that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

Instant Collection

PlayStation 4 Naughty Dog Bundle

This pre-owned bundle is packed with three of Naughty Dog’s best video game releases, including The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, along with a 500GB PlayStation 4 and a DualShock 4 wireless controller.

$269.99 $293.96 $24 off

Best Refurbished PlayStation Pro Deal $349.99

Sadly, no brand new PlayStation consoles are available at a discount right now, but buying refurbished is always a smart way to snag some savings. You don’t have to be worried about getting a broken console either, as Best Buy’s Geek Squad checks each one to verify that it’s in good, working condition and includes all its necessary components. It comes with a one-year warranty as well.

Good as New

PlayStation 4 Pro (Refurbished)

Looking to snap up a quick discount on a PlayStation 4 Pro? At $50 off, these Geek Squad-refurbished consoles are practically as good as new and even come with a one-year warranty. The savings left over would be perfectly spent towards the game of your choice.

$349.99 $399.99 $50 off

Best PlayStation Essential Deal $42.99

If you’re a PlayStation gamer without a membership to PlayStation Plus, you’ve been missing out. The service lets members download free games every month that they can keep for as long as they’re a member, and it even unlocks online multiplayer access on tons of PlayStation games and discounts at the PlayStation Store.

Let’s Play

PlayStation Plus Annual Membership

You can score $17 off one year of PlayStation Plus with promo code PSPSAVE, though you’ll need to sign up for a free account to use the coupon if you don’t have one already. That’ll bring the price of each month down to just $3.58.

$42.99 $59.99 $17 off

More PlayStation Deals

Similar to the PlayStation Pro deal above, this console has been refurbished by Best Buy’s GeekSquad, though it only includes a 90-day warranty with purchase. That should be plenty of time to figure out if it’s working how it should or not.

$249.99 at Best Buy

This model has half the hard drive capacity of the refurbished version above, but if you’re stuck on wanting a brand new console for less, this is your most affordable option.

$269.99 at Walmart

Tons of colors of the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 are discounted at Amazon, from Magma Red to Midnight Blue, Crystal, and more. It’s always the best place to help replace your controller or grab another for co-op.

From $46 at Amazon

The PlayStation Classic may have debuted at the wrong price according to some gamers, but today’s price of $40 is a much better cost for the 20 pre-loaded games and two classic controllers it comes with.

$39.99 at Amazon

The PlayStation 4 isn’t just great for killing Paarthurnax (sorry ’bout it) or learning the latest MK11 brutalities. You can also use it to stream Netflix or YouTube, play music from Spotify, and more, and this PDP remote can help you take control in a whole new way.

$14.53 at Amazon

When you can save $50, why wouldn’t you? This bundle is offered as Open Box at Newegg, meaning it’s been returned by another customer and resold by Newegg. These are non-returnable and non-refundable, but Newegg has tested them all to ensure they’re in working condition before shipping them off again.

$299.99 at Newegg

Just like the VR bundle above, this bundle is an Open Box product that is non-returnable and non-refundable, but if you’re looking for a discount on the PSVR today, it’s your best bet.

$299.99 at Newegg

How to get the Best PlayStation Deals

The PlayStation 4 isn’t new to the market in any respect, though considering it’s the best-seller of the current generation of video game consoles, it’s almost just as tough as a Nintendo Switch to find on sale at times. Most of the best discounts on PlayStation consoles come with bundles, though you can also find refurbished and brand new consoles at a slight discount on rare occasions too.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always a good bet, and there’s also Sony’s Days of Play annual promotion that we can look forward to this summer. For your best bet on a daily basis, Thrifter posts the latest PlayStation console and accessory deals to its site and Twitter account as they’re found.

The stock controller for the PlayStation 4 is very good, but it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there that offer a different experience, whether you’re a competitive gamer, have kids who want to play, or just want to sharpen up your experience. Pick up one of these options if you’re looking for something to change up your play.

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Staff pick

Scuf controllers are used by a large portion of the pro-gamers who play on console, and the Vantage is the company’s latest and greatest effort for the PS4. The basic shape is similar to the regular PlayStation DualShock 4, though it’s built from the ground up. It features offset thumbsticks along with two additional Sax buttons on the side for extra precision and customization.

$200 at Scuf Gaming

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The DualShock 4 is the standard controller that comes in the box and therefore, comes with the design we’ve come to expect. If you like it already but wish it were a little more interesting, Sony has a range of different colors available.

$47 at Amazon

Some folks love PS4 but wish the controller was more like the Xbox One’s with its offset analog sticks. Many find this layout more ergonomic, which makes the Nacon Revolution V2 a great option to try. It’s wired, so you can’t sit too far away from the console, but the shape and layout are pretty similar to what you’d find with the Xbox. Plus, its use of USB-C means you can add it to your modern electronics collection without having to add more wires.

$113 at Amazon

Need a solid controller for younger, smaller hands that doesn’t cost a lot? Or maybe you’re a traveling PS4 gamer that needs something compact? That’s where the excellent Hori Mini Wired Gamepad comes in. As the name implies, this is a wired controller. The touchpad is missing, which is okay, but there’s a button in place for when you might need it.

$42 at Amazon

If you’re a PS4 gamer but you’ve always preferred the style and feel of an Xbox controller, I have great news for you. The Hori Onyx controller gives you all the same functionality of a PS4 controller in a different form. You get a wider and beefier grip with offset analog sticks, so you get the same sensation playing on your PS4 as you would on your Xbox.

$51 at Amazon

One of the only controllers specifically designed for fighting games, the HORI Fighting Commander places the R1 and R2 buttons on the same side of the pad as the regular face buttons in a configuration that’s perfect for pulling off combos in your favorite fighting games. It ditches the analog sticks to give you more room to put those combos in, and extra features like an R/L toggle and a programmable Turbo button ensure you can use it comfortably with any fighter.

$40 at Amazon

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